Visit Our Outdoor Display of Tents, Caravan Awnings, Vehicle and Driveway Awnings

Tent Display and Exhibition

Come and field test our selection of branded tents, and caravan, vehicle and driveway awnings.

We erect a wide range of styles, types and sizes, so that you can walk around and make the correct choice.  As a family business, we have first hand experience of our stock.  This enables us to offer friendly and helpful service and advice.  You can buy our stock either online or in one of our shops.

Vehicle Awnings Display

Our branded vehicle awnings are suitable for most vehicle makes including VW and Bongo campervans as well as  motorhomes and coach built motorhomes.

As well as our outdoor displays, we can regularly be found  at local camping shows and exhibition.  Find us on Facebook to see where we will be exhibiting.

Contact one of our shops to find out what we have on display or click on the shop logo below to get directions to our displays.

Inflatable Air Awnings & Tents

Quick to erect and put up, these modern awnings and tents save you time, while still giving you the reliability and space you need at a price for all pockets.  

Hassle free plugin and pump up, we erect our inflatable tents & awnings at the beginning of the season and they remain in place through all weather conditions.  Come and see brands such as Vango AirBeam and Kampa AIR.

Pole Awnings & Tents

The more traditional pole tent and awning gives a more rigid structure, and allows you to have a lot larger tent than an inflatable equivalent.  Wonder around our selection of pole tents, and make an informed decision.  As a family business, we have been camping in a variety of tents with families of all ages.  We can advise on what is best for you.

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